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This time around I have picked up a poem in its purest form. This is an OST from the not so recent movie called “Khuda Ke Liyae”. It is a Pakistani production and definitely worth a watch. Seen it? If the answer to that is a “No!” then lemme know. If the answer is “Yes!”, still lemme know coz in all probability the chances are very high that you have seen the censored version. The essence of the movie has been gotten rid of in that. Though it was done so as to not offend Muslims but how can quoting the quran be offensive to any Muslim? Nywayz, do take the uncensored version from me (you won’t find it in shops anywhere in the world).

About the poem, this is definitely one of the very early works by Bulleh Shah. The first stanza of the poem (coloured in red) is as sung by Bulleh Shah’s relatives. In the poem he tells us that when he became Shah Inayat’s disciple, his sisters and sister-in-laws came to persuade him to let go of his master and return home. They considered him unfit to be a master because he was from a lowly caste than Bulleh Shah himself. The anger expressed by Bulleh Shah visible once you read the poem. The angry response is unlike of a learned person treading on the spiritual path of attaining god through self realization. Thus this is definitely one of his very early works. Quoting a stanza from his later works,

"Bullea aashiq hoyiyon Rabb da, Hui Malamat Lakh;
Tenon Kafir Kafir aakhdey, Toon aaho aaho aakh."

Bulleh Shah you became god’s lover, and people disgraced you much for this;
They call you a “Kafir!” (infidel), and you answer them with a “Yes!”.

So, spiritual enlightenment or self-realization always leads one to a state where you lose all forms of ego, and anything you could use with “self” as a prefix for.

What did I mean when I said purest form? This poem has been adapted as-it-is by the singer in the attached soundtrack. Ustad Nusrat FAK and Abida Parveen would always combine multiple poems to make a qawaali. Abida Parveen actually screws up the whole thing by picking up totally random poems with stanzas in no relation to each other. She adds and removes stanzas without looking into their meaning and the only criterion being fitting them into the tune. What da hell? Furthermore, she doesn’t understand Punjabi and can’t pronounce correctly more than half the words she sings out. Ustad saab on the other hand is a true maestro. However, his versions are also not pure. He mixes up stanzas from different poems as well, but they are so highly relevant to each other and in such rhyme that to an amateur it would be difficult to make out as to what has been mixed and where.

If you want to listen to absolutely pure forms of Bulleh Shah’s Kaafis, then go for lesser known singers such as Sabari brothers or Wadali brothers.

Something new again. This time around I’m putting up two links to the song. One is a direct mp3 download link and the other one is a YouTube video. Njoy!

Bullay Nu Samjhawan Aaian Bheynaan Tay Bharjaiyaan,
Man Lay Bulleya Sada Kena, Chad Day Palla Raaiyan.

Bulleh Shah’s sisters and sister-in-laws come to persuade him,
O’ Bulleh Shah listen to us and let go the company of the Raies.

[Raie is a caste of Muslims to which Bulleh Shah’s Master Shah Inayat belonged to. It is considered a lowly caste. Bulleh Shah himself belonged to Syed caste which is at the top of caste system in Muslims of Pakistan. Syeds are said to be descendants of Prophet (Nabi)]

Aal Nabi Ullad Ali,
Nu Tu Kyun Lee-kaan Laiyaan.

You are born into the family of prophet, you are heir of Ali,
So why do you ruin your family’s name like this.

Jeyra Saanoun Syed Saday Dozakh Milay Sazaiyaan.
Jo Koi Saanu Raie Aakhe, Bhisti Peenghaan Paian.

Those who address me as Syed, shall be condemned to hell.
Those who address me as Raie, shall ride the swings in heaven.

[Dozakh means Hell, and Bhisti or Bheesht is Heaven]

Raien, Saayin, Sabhin Thaayin,
Rab Deyaan Bay Parwaaiyaan,
Sohniyaan Paray Hatayaan Tay, Khojeyaan Lay Gall Laiyaan.

My beloved Raie is present everywhere,
The lord is so carefree,
That he neglects the beautiful (others) and hugs the ugly (Bulleh Shah).

Jay To Lorain Baagh Baharaan ,Chaakar Ho Ja Raiyaan.
Bulley Shah Dee Zaat Kee Puchni, Shaakar Ho Razayaan.

If you seek the pleasure of eternal gardens, then become a servant of the Raies,
O’ do not ask Bullah his caste; Be thankful and be content with the lord’s creation.

[Baagh Bahaar above means gardens flowering gardens or gardens in spring or eternal gardens. What Bulleh Shah is actually trying to refer to is “Pleasure of finding the lord”.]
[Shaakar means “thankful one” and Razayaan means “one that is happy with whatever the lord does”.]

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though I have trouble understanding Bullah's poetry directly, I have made an effort to read through his poems through translations, and have found no matter what the language, Bullah still blows his reader away!

Superb article buddy...and looking forward to more...

September 11, 2009 at 11:27 AM

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Very nice blog/site..explains all the lyrics in detail. Moreover, the background info is really helpful.

Highly appreciated!!

July 31, 2011 at 7:00 AM

ngfthnax after listening to raba mere haal da++++,are log tumahara kya++++.
bhala hua jo meri maki+++++.i was searchig for bulee nu samjahawan and i got it here. thanks

October 30, 2011 at 8:34 PM

Do you have the translation of Bulleh nu samjhavan aaian (the one sang by Abida Parveen)? Would love to read it, it is hard to find in English. Love your website!

February 25, 2012 at 10:04 PM

Could you please put up the English translation of Bulleh nu samjhavan? Love your wesbite and thanks!

February 25, 2012 at 10:05 PM

I have not seen the movie and it wud be a blessing to see such a movie in complete detail, kindly tell me how to get it from you ?

February 5, 2014 at 2:39 PM

I have not yet seen the movie, and it would be a blessing to watch a master piece in full. Kindly tell me how to get the complete version of the movie from you ?

February 5, 2014 at 2:41 PM

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